SD7 Range Upgrades

SD7 Range Upgrades

The very popular range of SD7 amplifier and controller Cards used to control proportional valves has had a number of additional features recently added.

The SD7 range is used in a wide variety of applications to control various manufactures proportional valves.

The main advantages being:-

Low Price

Free Software

Ease of Set up and Use


Basic Amplifiers

The basic amplifies come with a number of features as standard

For example if you are controlling a proportional pressure reducing valve with a 0-10v command signal.

Scaling 1 could be 10volts command signal = 200bar.

Scaling 2 could be 10volts command signal = 100bar

The scaling can be selected by using a digital input.


Enhanced Controllers

The enhanced controller’s comes with a wide variety of selectable options

A new feature means you can now switch between closed loop control and open loop control using a digital input.

Please see below some example screen shots of the SD7 PASO software setting up options

For any further information please contact us.

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