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Wandfluh UK Limited, Southam

About Wandfluh UK

We are a sister company operating within the Wandfluh AG group.

Wandfluh is recognised as an international market leader in design and manufacture of hydraulic valves and electronic controls systems. It serves a worldwide market through its sister companies and distribution network with products both industrial and mobile equipment.

We design, develop and manufacture Electronics, Atex Devices, Specialized Sub sea valve packs, Proportional valves, Solenoid valves, Pressure relief valves, Pressure Reducing valves, Flow controls, Directional valves, Flow rates up to 1,200 lpm, Pressures up to 350 Bar and Cartridge and Ceetop


Second Extension Adds to Production.Read more

The second extension at Wandfluh UK completed last year adding 560sqm to the facility....

New Product PD3 Control Electronics for Proportional ValvesRead more

The Newly developed PD3 electronics has the options to be mounted directly to the coil or as a standalone unit. IP67 Protected and equipped with LED s...


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Wandfluh Group are proud to offer a dedicated native app for the iPhone, iPad which can be downloaded free of charge from the iTunes Store. There is also an Android version available via the Google Play Store

Wandfluh iPhone / iPad App
Wandfluh Android App

The app provides access to the range of Wandfluh Hydraulics and electronics products for your immediate reference.

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