A lot of the products that are used on these machines from Wandfluh are used on safety critical areas - brakes in particular is where we excel at supplying very reliable products to military machines - i.e. JCB in the front line of wars - no time for errors Also other famous brands as Terex - earth moving equipment - dumper trucks.

Wandfluh valves have been used on one of the most important parts of the large earth moving equipment for the last 20 years or more known as Dumper trucks. These vehicles carry tonnes of soil to level and reshape motorways etc - our valves are fitted to the braking system to ensure very reliable operation by using a fail safe mode if the truck should stall when travelling up steep hills and quarry faces. The normal operation is hydraulic pilot valves but if the engine stalls and the engine stops, then the solenoid operated function over-rides and closes the brakes. This prevents any runaway situation occurring with these machines.

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