Our customers are very important and we like to take the time to visit the customers’ site to understand their requirements – consult with them over their application and discuss the Hydraulic and Electronic requirements for their application.

Hydraulic manifold Assemblies

  • We design manifolds and assemblies – supply 3D modelling for the assembly so that they can populate their drawings to make sure our design fits snuggly into their machine drawings.
  • Saves time and the ability to tweak where needed to create the best flow lines throughout the system.
  • Continuous advise on hand  on how to maximise the performance out of the design.
  • Supply rendered images for their catalogues and manuals.
  • Our customers work closely with our engineers to arrive at the very best cost effective solution.

Electronic Amplifier controls SD7 and MD2

  • Ongoing help and support from the office and on site  - especially with the Electronic amplifier card set up and selection.
  • Remote assistance by email -  by means  of the “PAR” Paso software - saved programs can be sent to our company for inspection and checking to make sure that they are set up correctly – advise what to adjust to enhance control – we find solutions for our customers not walk away from problems!
  • Demonstrations on site to show the customer how to maximise the setup of our electronics control to most hydraulic Solenoid proportional control valves – the product is adaptable and settings flexible enough to control most manufacturers products.
  • Ability to be on site to give personnel guidance and allow the engineers to set up the cards with their applications to achieve the best control.
  • This is all the personnel service to assist the customer to achieve the best from our products

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If you are interested in our consultancy for hydraulics and electronics, please contact us with your requirements.

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