Wandfluh excel in this area and offer the full range of valves with ATEX Explosion proof and flameproof solenoid operated from On/Off functions / poppet valves and Proportional Directional valve pressure and flow controls in NG4 and NG6 & NG10. Along with this Wandfluh also offer the intrinsically safe ON / off valves in Cetop3 especially for Oil tanker controls for opening and closing butterfly valves etc.

Wandfluh have spend many years developing their own range of solenoid coils and have decided that in future they will offer one coil to cover both Explosion proof and Flame proof coils thus providing a more cost effective solution for our customers.

On the many Stainless steel cabinets in the Offshore Industry where they require lever control as well as solenoid operated ATEX valves Wandfluh UK offer a single lever to control 3 pos / 4 way solenoid valves with lever over ride - very compact solution and customers are keen to promote this solution from Wandfluh UK.

The valves conform to most of the certification that is required in the various applications for this industry and we are waiting the UL approval for the American market.

As you will be aware of this is a very harsh environment and for both the chemical and petroleum industry they require different finishes to the valves such as Stainless steel AISI 316 and also painted options too.

Applications where we have been very successful is for the Wire-line cranes - mobile for inspecting and recording what is actually happening in the Well heads.

The controls are for the Dual drum Winch skid system and have been very reliable when used in hostile areas such as the deserts - amongst many other countries worldwide. Wandfluh products are controlling proportionally the pressure on the tension of the wire- line etc and the direction of the drum for winding in / out the wires down the Well heads.

Other applications where our products have been extremely successful in has been on the Wind generator farm for putting the towers up on the concrete platforms in varying weather conditions. Wandfluh worked with a company in the UK who manufactured the complete machine very successfully. They used our products on a number of different functions:- poppet valves and logic elements were required for the jack system on the Off-shore farms - the application was known as the Christmas Tree stand where great accuracy and control was required.

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