Wandfluh products are used for a number of different applications - re-shaping the rails by using Proportional Digital smart control valves (DSV) to control the cutting heads to re-angle the worn rails over large areas such as in the USA and the UK.

In the UK we also use the Wandfluh valves for controlling the machines to work within set areas in particular where there are restrictions for the excavator lifting arms to prevent damage to over head lines or structures. These machines are controlled by a number of proximity sensors which feedback and cut out the voltage to the valves by control system of Pro-logic equipment.

Another operation where we have been very successful is where they are using the Auto -reversal valves to push the sleepers out on the tracks when laying stretches of track making this an automatic function rather than a labour orientated function.

Another essential but automated machine is the clipping machine to secure the rail tracks to the sleepers, by using the Wandfluh products to control the cylinders. The Hydraulic switching mechanism of the machine allows the clips to secure railway tracks on the sleepers correctly preventing them move when the train passes over them.

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