Wandfluh products have been working with vehicles operating to depths of 4000 - 5000 meters below sea level for years now we control manipulators and tooling equipment with the Wandfluh products. The machines are operated from on the ship-decks remotely by an operator watching the vehicle / machine through sophisticated screens and equipment.


Due to different and special finishes we are able to offer with the Wandfluh products, we are able to manufacture valves for Submarines for the tether controls systems which are mounted externally in the sea water (made from stainless steel). The hydraulic control is to control the position of the arm laying the wire on to the reels during pay out and in.

Wave machines - generating electricity

Purpose built valve pack mounted on to the structure to control the position of the machine in the waves depending on the electricity demand and wave conditions - again using the mini 3 valves for compactness and reliability - has to withstand all the wave forces and abrasion from the shore line etc - minimum service is allowed as this has to be carried out by a diver.

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