Comprehensive range of solutions

Wandfluh has a comprehensive range of hydraulic components with many different designs and functionality.

Wandfluh's hydraulic and electronic solutions, with our special corrosion protection for the Offshore and Chemical market sectors, demonstrate our commitment to continual investment in developing innovative and essential valves for challenging working areas.

Typical applications include Agricultural, Forestry, Rail, Construction, Material handling, Sub-sea, Offshore, Nuclear industries including Oil tankers/ cargo handling ships. Read more on how our products are used can be found by choosing an industry on the right.

Other applications

Wandfluh UK have a reputation for expertise, experience and customer service.

Whatever your industry or application, we can help - please get in touch with your requirements and one of our technical team will take it from there.

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Industry Sectors

Forestry industry


In this very testing and challenging environment, Wandfluh products / valves work for long hours with high performance of products.

This application demands daily operations and cannot afford downtime for maintenance or service on a daily basis so they rely on the products to be of high quality.

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Rail industry


Used on the railway lines to re-shape the profiles of the tracks, working on the embankment for repair plus service work to the railway lines and surrounding area.

Proportional Digital smart control valves (DSV) to control the cutting heads to re-angle the worn rails over large areas such as in the USA and the UK.

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Construction industry


These machines are working in terrible dusty conditions where they rely on products working with very limited downtime - low maintenance schedules but the products have to perform day in - day out as the Wandfluh products do.

Wandfluh valves have been used on one of the most important parts of the large earth moving equipment for the last 20 years or more known as Dumper trucks.

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Sub-sea industry


Wandfluh Mini 3 valves offers compact reliable products and as our valves have the same interfaces for on/ off & proportional valves this gives the manufacturer of the machines, great scope for bringing in the changes.

The machines are operated from on the ship-decks remotely by an operator watching the vehicle / machine through sophisticated screens and equipment.

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Offshore industry


Our Products are working in very Harsh conditions and environments with remote sites where the Wandfluh products have to work first time when they have not been used for month - Donkey engines when there are power failures on site - they require donkey engines to start from hydraulic accumulators when the plant needs to continue to operate without personnel visiting site.

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Marine industry


Wandfluh products are used in this industry for many years now and we continue to work with our customers to meet the changing demands within this industry.

Wandfluh offer the full range of valves with ATEX Explosion proof and flameproof solenoid operated from On/Off functions / poppet valves and Proportional Directional valve pressure and flow controls in NG4 and NG6 & NG10

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Material handling industry

Material Handling

Wandfluh's products are used today on many different types of Forklifts machines – they currently use a DNPPM33 Proportional Throttle valve to control the lift / lower speed of the main mast on material handling trucks.

This offers such trucks as the Narrow isle, Reach trucks and counterbalance trucks very precise control when required.

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Agricultural industry


In this industry Wandfluh have special valves developed to reduce the number of components for holding cylinders in place- i.e. using the XX low leakage spool valves.

This works very effectively and John Deer USA have continued to use this for many years now.

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